Funeral Flowers

What You Should Know About Sending Funeral Flowers

Dealing with a loss can be absolutely devastating. Because of this, many people show sympathy and support by sending funeral flowers. If you’re planning on sending sympathy flowers in the near future, there are a few things you’re going to want to be aware of.

White Flowers Are The Traditional Choice

While it’s possible to send a colorful bouquet to a funeral, white flowers are the traditional choice. Why do so many people opt for white flowers? White is a popular color because of the things that it symbolizes: purity, peace, and innocence.

sympathy arrangementIf you’re including colors other than white in your bouquet, you’ll want to choose those colors wisely. Yellow flowers are an appropriate choice is the person you lost was a friend; yellow flowers are said to be a symbol of friendship. Dark pink flowers can be a symbol of gratitude. They are a lovely way to say that you appreciate everything that the deceased person did for you.

Regardless of the colors that you choose for your bouquet, it’s wise to choose white flowers as an accent. Don’t send a bouquet that’s overly cheery; pick a bouquet that feels appropriate for the occasion.

It’s Important To Select The Right Types Of Flowers

When you’re assembling a bouquet, you can’t focus on colors alone. You should also think about the types of flowers in your bouquet. Try to pick flowers that are well-suited to funeral bouquets.

Roses and carnations are all popular choices for funeral bouquets. Lilies are also a very popular choice. Some Christians believe that lilies were used to decorate the tomb of the Virgin Mary.

With that said, there are some more unusual flowers that you can choose for a funeral bouquet. Orchids, which symbolize love, make a lovely choice for a funeral. Other options include chrysanthemums, hyacinth, and hydrangea. Try to pick out the ideal flowers for the bouquet you are sending.

Work With The Right Florist

Because you’ll be sending flowers to people that are grieving, you’ll want to be very careful about the bouquet that you send. You’ll want to make sure that the bouquet will be in excellent condition when it arrives. You’ll also want to make sure it arrives on time. You should order your bouquet from a florist with a stellar reputation.

funeral-planningA number of florists offer arrangements that are specifically designed for funerals. If you’re worried about choosing the wrong flowers for your bouquet, you should be able to work with a florist to put together the ideal arrangement.

Spend some time looking at the Charlotte florists in your area. See which florists have received a great deal of praise. No matter what kind of flowers you wind up sending, you should try to work with an excellent florist.

If you’re preparing to send funeral flowers, but are worried you’ll put together the wrong sort of bouquet, you should make a point of following the advice above. All of these tips will help you to find the right kinds of flowers to send.

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